Monday, April 22, 2013

Naming Convention Saves your Time

Naming Convention:
As a database administrator, database developer and software developer or any technical person you always works in project that may consist of many participants and even if
you the only one in the project you may leave the company or after one year or more you asked to change or provide some information from you project. It really difficult to remember which stored procedure (job,  class) in your project doing this task and of course waste your time to remember which stored procedure.
So name convention helps you to save your time and other project participant can understand you code and from the name of the store procedure (class, job) they understand what it does.
Once you decide you have a project first agree on the name of the stored procedures (class, job) of course there are standard name convention but I talk about the meaning of the name of your store procedure. For example if you have a store procedure that insert a new employee what is the name of it? You may name it insertEmployee, EmployeeInsert, NewEmployee, NEInsert, and many of other available names but the better name that name that reflect the purpose of the stored procedure if you name it Insert_Employee every one see the name understand that this procedure will insert an employee but if you name it NE_Insert it difficult to know that N is abbreviation of New and E is for Employee. It is better to think carefully about this it will save your time.

Written by: Elmozamil Elamir

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